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Kaş Antique Theatre has a capacity of 4000 and built in BC 1. Staying in one of the hotels located close to the ancient theatre you can have a wonderful holiday and explore new places. The theatre is next to the seaside and has a great seavew. Mybe you have worked hard throughout the year and feeling tired. Leave your stress during the holiday in Kaş vacation. All the goodies in Kaş will help you to leave your troubles away.



You can easily reach to the Antique City located in Sıçak Peninsula by boat from Kaş. Aperlai is quite rich in ruins and you can add  the momories of natural beauty to your holiday staying in one of the hotels near the ancient city.  The lights of a rich history with Roman and Byzantine ruins, walls, towers, the main entrance door, churches and other historical monuments will surely win your desire. Aperlai is also been mentioned in the book of Piri Reis named "THE BOOK OF NAVY". After the century 14th nobody is living in the ancient city. (today only two fishermans' families are staying) If you wnt to add history and natural beauty yo your holiday in Antalya, you have to visit Simena Castle, Güver, Dim Cave, Kaş Antique Theatre, Göynük Canyon and Aperlai to your trip plan.



There is not much about Kynaeai Antique City which is 30 kilometres away from Kaş and also 20 kilometres away from Demre. It's been built in BC 4. The library, baths, theatre, walls and necropolis  are really interesting and beautiful. The ruins of the ancient city all worth visiting. There are no hotels in the Yavu village where the ancient city is located in.If you are planning to stay in one of the hotels in Kaş or Demre you'd better to include Kynaea, Antique City in your trip plan.



You have to go down 100 metres to see this great beauty of Kaş. Maybe it is a little bit hard to walk down to the Uçarsu Falls but when you see the glory of the waterfalls all your tiredness will go in an instant.




The Blue Cave is 28 kilometres away from Kaş and you can reach there only by boat. IT is 6 kilometres away from Kalkan. In ancient times there were many seals living in the cave. Now it is one of the highlights of summer tourism. The cave is 40 metres long. Dr Temuçin Aygen found it in 1972.


Bezirgan Plateau is one of the most attractive spots of natural beauty of Kaş-Antalya. You feel like in a picture where your soul is fullfilled in all shades of green. The plateau is 500 metres above the sea level in Kalkan. You can visit there joining in the tours.


It's one of the peaceful spots os Kaş-Kalkan district and 4 kilometres away from Kalkan. This bay is one of the most beautiful places to swim in the sea located in Yeşilköy village. If you want to visit the bay you can go by boat.


The beach is 18 kilometres lenght and is also one of the most beautiful beaches of Turkey. Just like Kputaş Beach, Patara is located between Kalkan and Kaş. Ptara Beach is a protected area beacause it is also the place where the sea turtles lay their eggs.


The city which is so easy to go is 5 kilometres away from the Gelemiş Road.  It is one of the most important cities of Lycia and estimated date of the city is BC 6. The city is at the southern side of The Xanthos Valley and has a unique beach where Caretta Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs.


If you like extreme sports you will certainly keep the memories hiking the Cyprus Canyon forever. The Canyon is located between Kaş and Elmalı. The hiking starts in Kaş and then Sütleğen Village is the next spot. The trip takes 5-6 hours. Special clothing is worn when you start to walk in Cyprus Canyon.


Kalkan is 25 kilometres to Kaş and located along a beach which worths to visit and see. The hotels, restaurants, shops and pensions of Kalkan attracts thousands of tourists every year. The marina meets all the needs of the boats. The architecture of the town is very unique. There is a cave called The Pidgeon Cave is only 2 kilometres away from the town and can be reached only by boat.



Kekova is an island which is 40 kilometres away from Kaş near Kaleköy(ancient Simena) and also Üçağız(ancient). Kekova is along the coast of Lycia, located at the west side of Demre. It's known by the beginning of century 19th. Kekova ısland gave its name to the area around. After the earthquakes of the ancient times the island is under the sea and the area is called The Sunken City. Aperlai, Theimussa of Üçağız, Island of Gökkaya, Simena of Kaleköy  are all near to Kekova. The highest peak is 188 metres. The channel between the mainland is 105 metres deep.

The boat tours to Kekova is very famous. The islands are all protected areas called "Kekova Protected Area".


The canyon is 60 kilometres away from Kaş and you need to pass a wooden bridge which is 100 metres long to reach there. There are restaurants and fishfarms serving delicious foods in the Canyon. The Canyon is 18 kilometres long and only 6 kilometres of it is convenient to walk through. It is an ideal place to relax under the shade of huge trees.


Xanthos (also known as Kınık or Arnna) is 35 kilometres to Kaş on the way to Fethiye, located along the Muğla/Antalya border next to the Eşen River. It was the religious and the adminstrative center of Lycia. (Teke Peninsula) The history of Xanthos goes back to the century BC 8. It was an independent city until the Persian invasion in BC 545.

After the big fire in the years 475-450 all the architectural enviroment damaged. The citizens tried to maintain their independence fighting with Athenians during the years BC 429-410. And after the Alexander the Great comes they were all Hellenized. Then in BC 309 Ptolomeis civilisation comes to the area. Later BC 197 King of Syria Antiochus comes . In BC 2, Xanthos was the capital city of the Lycian Union. Then captured by Romans in BC 42 by Romans. The acropolis of Lycia is been destroyed, the people of the city was all been killed. A year afrer this, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius rebuilt the city. Xanthos was the episcopal center during the Byzantine period and abondened  in AC 7.



It is 60 kilometres away from Kaş located on Elmalı Way. Tere are lots of villages along the way all covered with pine and cedar trees. Gömbe is famous because of the cold water springs and apple gardens. Akdağ is the highest mountain of the district (3024 metres high). Yeşilgöl and Uçarsu are the ideal places to hide yourself from the heath of the summer sun enjoying the fresh weather and cool atmosphere. The district is also famous with its delicous icecream.


The plateau is 12 kilometres away from Kaş and located on the hills overlooking Phellos. Phellos was a very famous/important city during the century BC 4. Antiphellos was the port of Phellos. Some of the walls surrounding the city of Phellos are still standing.The city is surrounded by the tombs and sarcophagus with relief from the century BC 4.